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MONSSON GROUP, a company active in renewable energy since 1997, has become one of the leading developers of wind farms in our country, given the portfolio or projects exceeding a total of 2400 MW.

MONSSON GROUP provides a wide range of services for wind farms, namely: development, design, construction, operation, maintenance/repair and sale of electricity in Romania and export.

MONSSON LOGISTIC provides technical and logistical support for the entire Monsson Group for the acquisition of equipment, machinery, spare parts and consumables specific to renewable energy. At the same time, by capitalizing the complex experience gained, imports and sells these products and customers in other fields: the electric field, hydroelectric, maritime, oil and gas and others.

Calibration Maintenance & Repair

All repairs are handled by SPX certified technicians, service quality is guaranteed.

Monsson Logistics - Calibration Maintenance & Repair

We are the only company in S-E Europe certified and authorized for repair and maintenance of SPX tools and hydraulic equipment, and also the only authorized SPX guarantees services.

Equipment Rental and Sales

Business development often requires the latest technology, which means that continued investment is vital to ensure your success.

Monsson Logistic - Rental and Sales Equipment

Rather than blocking large amounts of money by direct purchases, it is better to pay rent regularly and use the remaining money available for investments in your business. This system “pay as you produce” is not the only advantage. Fixed rents in Euro throughout the contract will provide a strong basis for financial planning.

Hydraulic Hoses

Our high end hose assembly line can crimp and test hoses up to 6″ in diameter and above 2000 bar working pressure.

Monsson Logistic - Hydraulic Hoses

Our high end hose assembly line can crimp and test hoses up to 6″ in diameter and above 2000 bar working pressure. Our assembly line is equipped with professional cutting, skiving, cleaning, inserting and crimping machineries.

Recently completed projects

Constanta Shipyard
Monsson Logistic had successfully ended the work in Constanta Shipyard!
This work was about raising the four propeller blades of a ship from Constanta Shipyard (CNS) and it was completed in full emergency mode – 3 hours from the request.

According to the assemblage procedure Of the propellers manufacture, the maximum torque used of 25.000 Nm.

What meant this work in numbers?
3 technicians, 1 coordinator
8 hours of work
Raising the 4-bladed propeller at JSC Levante

Brazi Rafinery
2016 overhaul of Brazi Rafinery, under the signature Monsson Logistic!
Between May 27 to June 19 a team of Monsson technicians specialized in raising controlled was concentrated, in unit RC2, and took care of the overhaul of four reactors, 21 heat exchangers and other critical equipment, next to COMREP, company authorized and specialized in petrochemical industry.

What meant this work in numbers?
– 17 technicians, one SSm supervisor and two Project Managers
– 3200 hours of work
– Nearly 2 tons of equipment for controlled tightening flanges and joints in: keys and hydraulic pumps, flanges separating devices cut nuts.

A new work was finished by Monsson Logistics!
In late January, Monsson Logistic team had performed a new work, this time being about catching the tensioning three manholes covers from Schrubber NAG.

What this work meant in numbers?
– Three men:two technicians and one team coordinator
– 8 hours working
– Tensioning devices 12 1 7/8 “from SPX
– 1 pump tensioner PE8XXXL SPX – 1500 bar

Petromidia Platform
Overhauled of the Petromidia Platform was ended successfully by Monsson Logistics!
Monsson Logistics was subcontracted by IREM, one of the largest service providers in the mechanical works in the oil industry in Romania, to achieve the main factories reassembly facilities hydrocracker and hydrogen production.

What this work meant in numbers ?
– 6 people distributed in two shifts
– 1350 hours
– 70 bulletins grip and working procedures developed internally
In October and November 2015, the team conducted Logistic raising Monsson controlled flanged joints for the main plants (heat exchangers, columns, vessels and reactors).

Vega Rafinery
Monsson Logistic has successfully completed a new work!
A Monsson Logistic team consisting of 6 technicians and 1 coordinator went to the Vega Refinery in Ploiesti in May!

Here, they successfully completed the revision of the hydrogenation and normal hexane plant and the fleet of equipment used consisted of both normal and low-profile hydraulic spanners as well as precision electric wrenches and very high speeds.


Advantages of Monsson Logistic

We are representatives and partners in Romania and the Balkan countries with world-class manufacturers: SPX , RADTORQUE, 3M. We offer a wide range of tools, hydraulic, electric, pneumatic and electrical accessories, films and resins used in the maintenance of wind turbines. All these high quality products made using advanced technologies, ensure a long life for tools in conditions of increased operating speeds, which reduces the total cost of maintenance and repairs.
Also, MONSSON LOGISTIC, provides training and technical support for the tools offered in our laboratory, the only laboratory in Romania that can calibrate hydraulic wrenches up to 50,000 Nm and electric keys up to 8000 Nm.
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Wind Turbine Technicians WANTED!

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(with electrical and mechanical profile) Previous experience in wind turbine installation needed. Please send your resume today to hr@monsson.eu and subscribe at www.wind-technicians.com

RESS – Renewable Energy School of Skill

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For purchasing hydraulic equipment with a value greater than:

15 000 EURO excluding VAT, in one year, we offer free metrology calibration services for the equipment in question, for a period of two years.
28 000 EURO excluding VAT, in one year, we offer free calibration and maintenance services for the equipment in question, for a period of two years.


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