Etalonare, calibrare, reparatii, chei hidraulice si nu numai

We are authorized for repairing and maintenance of hydraulic tools

MONSSON LOGISTIC offers programs for prevention and correction in our complete range of products: hydraulic torque tools, hydraulic low profile, Pneumotools, hydraulic tensioning torque tools, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic manifold flange, nut splitters, electric torque tools.

Our technicians are trained to find solutions that meet all your needs and expectations but also, MONSSON LOGISTIC offers a full range of repair services. Our technicians have the expertise and experience to rapidly and accurately diagnose and repair the instrument or damaged pump, so you can resume work in the shortest time span.

All repairs are handled by SPX certified technicians, service quality is guaranteed. We are the only company in S-E Europe certified and authorized for repair and maintenance of SPX tools and hydraulic equipment, and also the only authorized SPX guarantees services.

When repairing a cylinder or hydraulic distributor, our department offers:

  • Minimum Return Time;
  • Fast and accurate repairs;
  • Minimal downtime;
  • Optimal service quality / price ratio.

Call Monsson Logistic for precise calibration

The Fluke 5080A has the highest voltage and current compliance of any calibrator in the Fluke multi-product and multifunction families, making it an ideal solution for calibrating analog meters and other instruments requiring higher drive capability for proper operation.

Accurate, reliable analog meter calibration

The Fluke 5080A calibrator calibrates your analog workload accurately and reliably, thanks to its high voltage and current compliance. With maximum burden up to 800 mA for voltage, and maximum compliance voltage up to 50 V for current, the 5080A can drive a wide range of analog meters.

Options and accessories expand
workload coverage

Options and accessories enable you to use the 5080A to calibrate an even broader workload, including:

• Clamp meters. The Fluke 9100-200 10/50 turn coil and 5500A/COIL 50-turn current coil enables the 5080A to calibrate most popular
clamp meters at currents up to 1000 A rms.
• Oscilloscopes. Calibrate oscilloscopes to 200 MHz quickly, easily, and cost effectively. Verify dynamic response, bandwidth, timing, multiple triggering functions, and input resistance.
• Megohm meters. This option sources high ohms, high voltage resistors up to 18 GΩ. It also measures voltage and current outputs.

Get a NIST Certification of yout Hydraulic Cylinder


Norbar calibration stand

For hydraulic equipment up to 50,000 Nm with an error of +/- 0.5%, the same type of equipment used by SPX for calibration of all hydraulic keys produced and marketed by them.



The certificates issued by us are NIST standards compliant and validated by the producer.
Any equipment that has been calibrated will be accompanied by a certificate of calibration guaranteed by the manufacturer certifying the validity of this operation.


RCA6000 calibration stand

Can calibrate electrical or hydraulic tools with a torque range between 800-8000 Nm with a +/- 0.25% error, the same type of equipment used by RAD Torque Systems for calibrating all electrical or pneumatic keys produced and marketed by them.


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